How to Style Open Shelves

Styling Tips

Styling open shelves can be daunting, especially when it comes to your kitchen. How do you keep them looking beautiful without losing its functionality? It is all about balance. Breaking up the different materials and textures in your kitchen is important. For example, separate your water glasses from your wine glasses. This allows you to create balance throughout your shelving design. I also like to break up dinnerware and glassware with more decorative pieces such as a textured vase or wooden pinch bowls. Another concept I like to incorporate is layering to add depth. Place a cookbook under a large bowl filled with fresh fruit for a functional and decorative element. If the space allows, display statement serving plate with a mini easel for a focal point. Large wood cutting boards can be a beautiful and functional piece. Layering cutting boards against the backsplash will create an eye-catching moment in your kitchen. Finish it off with greenery, fresh flowers, and fresh fruit to brighten up your kitchen. It is a good reminder that a successful design should enhance functionality, not limit it!

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